Previous Events

Saturday 18th July - Black Jack Beers Brewtap
So... you know how arepas and beers are the most amazing combo known to man? We've decided to do the right thing and bring the beers and the arepas together... at the BREWERY! The brilliant people at Blackjack Beers are opening their doors for their monthly brewtap (i.e. there will be A LOT of good beer on sale) and we're providing the food!! As always there will also be good tunes and good vibes, oh and seeing as it's July there'll be sunshine won't there... won't there??!! Don't miss our beer friendly arepa menu... and because we love you... we're bringing EMPANADAS TOO!

Thursday 9th July - Colombian supperclub at Trove, Levenshulme
It is with a heavy heart that we have to say this month's Trove takeover will be our last one as we are taking a bit of a break to focus on our other projects. We're going to make sure we go out with a bang though, serving up all our favourite Colombian classics such as empanadas, tamales, sudado de pollo and a special chocolatey Tres Leches with an icey caffeiney granizado treat! Tickets available here.

Sunday 21st June - Bud Garden Centre Colombian BBQ
To celebrate both Arepa Arepa Arepa's second birthday and the return of the fantastic Levenshulme Food and Drink Festival, we've teamed up with the wonderful folk at Bud Garden Centre to bring you our very first Colombian BBQ. In Colombia, BBQs are a big deal and fun for all the family, something we intend to recreate for you right here in Manchester! We will be whipping up Colombian BBQ classics (chuzos, chicken legs) cooked over coals with tasty sides (salted potatoes, toasty arepa balls, plantains) and plenty of soft drinks / booze. Get yourself down to Bud from 1pm!

Thursday 11th June - Colombian Caribbean Coastal supperclub at Trove, Levenshulme
We can't believe summer is (sort of) finally here. While we may not have the beautiful weather and idyllic beaches of Colombia's stunning Caribbean coast here in Manchester, we can at least bring you a taste of their delicious food. Think carimañolas, ceviche, fried lime fish with arroz con coco, Caribbean cake... Warning, this menu contains an inordinate amount of coconut! You can get your tickets here.

Friday 29th May - Stockport Foodie Friday
We're so excited to trade at one of our lovely local markets - Stockport Foodie Friday! We will be joining brilliant local traders and bringing you a variety of tasty Arepas ALL DAY LONG!!

Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd May - Leeds Feast at Tetley Museum and Arts Space, Leeds
We don't think we could be more honoured to have been invited to take part in what is surely going to be the most stunning independent food event in the North of England... Leeds Indie Food! We'll be bringing a very special menu indeed to the Leeds Feast weekend of the event (brought to you by some of our very favourite people, those lovely folk behind Belgrave Music Hall and Leeds Indie Food) and can't wait to see you down there!

Thursday 14 May - Andean Supperclub at Trove, Levenshulme
We're back at Trove with a brand new menu featuring springy Colombian favourites such as Lapingachos (the Colombian answer to a potato cake), Crema de Aguacate (that's an avocado SOUP. Yes I said that, AVOCADO SOUP), slow cooked Sobrebarriga and one of the most crazy desserts I have ever heard of, so crazy that I almost spat a drink out when I heard about it. Don't miss this little treat! 

Thursday 9th April - Andean Supperclub at Trove, Levenshulme
This month we're seeing the spring in with a light and fresh menu featuring rummy limeade, cheesy yuca balls, patacón pisao, honey and lime roasted chicken plus Mantecada buttery boozy corn bread!

Sunday 29th March - Colombian Brunch club at our gaff, Levenshulme
Breakfast is 100% the best meal of the day in Colombia so we decided to give you a little treat to make up for the fact you're going to lose an hour on March 29th! Expect Changua, fried cheesy breads, lots of meat (or Aborrajados for the veggies), hot chocolate with cheese and AREPAS of course! 

Friday 13th March - Vegetarian and Vegan Supperclub at Trove, Levenshulme
We've always said here at Areapa HQ we love veggies and vegans, so to make up for last month's very veggie unfriendly menu, we've decided to make this month's supperclub menu 100% VEGAN!

Friday 13th February - ¡Cerdo! ¡Cerdo! ¡Cerdo! Supperclub with Bangers & Bacon at Trove, Levenshulme
We're teaming up with local pork legends Bangers & Bacon to bring you a porky tour of Colombia. We're doing something we've always dreamed of... cooking an entire PIG in the form of a traditional Colombian Lechona! Pork fans don't miss this one!

Friday 9th January - Andean Supperclub at Trove, Levenshulme
This time we're beating the January blues with a 100% Peruvian menu! We've got Peru's finest dishes for you to get your chops around including the likes of Ceviche and Lomo Saltado... oh and there'll definitely be Pisco!

Friday 12th December - Andean Christmas Supperclub at Trove, Levenshulme
Once again it's time for both of us here at Arepa HQ to go totally, head-over-heels Colombian Christmas crazy! There will be arepas. There will be Aguardiente. There will be crazy sweet-savoury combos. ¡Feliz Navidad!

Saturday 29th November - New Mills Christmas Lights Market
Really excited to set the festive season off with a bang by joining the lovely people of New Mills at their Christmas lights shindig! Expect to see us peddling arepas and some Christmas-related Colombian foodstuffs!

Friday 14th November - Andean Supperclub at Trove, Levenshulme
This is our very first night cooking up our wares at the gorgeous Trove. We will be serving Colombia's most cockle-warming food, perfect for a cold November night in Levy, at this ticketed supperclub. Check out the menu here.
The event is now sold out but do not fret, we will be back next month with a very special Andean Christmas menu!

Saturday 13th September - Street Feast VIII at Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds
It's only bloody Día Mundial de la Arepa (world arepa day) isn't it! So what better way to celebrate than by serving Arepas de Chocolo (sweeter, taco-like flat arepas) topped with tasty stuff? Come see us, grab an arepa and tweet us a pic using the hashtag #DíaMundialDeLaArepa and we'll donate 50p to the Trussel Trust!

Saturday 26th July - Levy Market
We're coming HOME! Looking forward to trading near the beautiful container (home to the market's lovely gazebos and things) that has been jazzed up by a local artist. We love you Levy!

Saturday 12th July - Street Feast VII at Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds
We're going back over the Pennines to one of our most favourite events of all time - STREET FEAST at Belgrave! We will be accompanied by a whole bunch of Mancunian traders - an event not to miss!

Saturday 28th June - BlackJack Beers BrewTap
We're going right back to the source of the beer itself... the BREWTAP! We'll be setting up in one of our favourite breweries' yard - BlackJack Beers! Couldn't be more excited about this one... We'll be bringing two arepa fillings plus cheesy, spicy humitas. Seeing as we'll be in a brewery we thought it only appropriate to bring along some beer snacks in the form of Peruvian toasted corn. Salty!

Friday 20th June - LFADFEST Launch with Levenshulme Market
¡UEPA! It's our 1st birthday and we are hitting up our birthplace - Levy Market's Levenshulme Food & Drink Festival Launch. To celebrate we're going all Peruvian with a special menu featuring the likes of ceviche, Peruvian burgers and humitas. Seeing as we love Levy sooo much, we will also be giving away birthday cake i.e. Tres Leches milk cake!

Saturday 14th June - British Street Food Awards Northern Heat with Guerrilla Eats
WOW! We've been nominated for the British Street Food Awards and will be competing in the Northern Heats on the 14th at Old Granada Studios Manchester. You will need to come down in your baggiest clothing because there are going to be no less than TWENTY traders from all over the north of England slinging top quality street food. If you'd like to support us going through to the finals don't forget to bring a smart phone, download the British Street Food app and vote before you leave the venue!

Sunday 8th June - BrewDog Kitchen Takeover
Scottish brewmasters BrewDog have given us an ACTUAL ROOF over our heads for one day only, on the condition we put more beer in our food. The deal is done! Come see us here for arepas, plantain and donuts, featuring EXTRA BREWDOG BEER! How could you resist?

Saturday 24th May - Levenshulme Market
Our monthly outing on our home turf is back and we have a new side dish in the form of griddled plantain which the people of Leeds liked very much!  See you there :)

Saturday 12th April - Street Feast IV Belgrave Music Hall
They've finally let us out of Manchester!  We'll be hopping across the peaks to Gods Country where we'll be serving up our arepas and griddled plantains to a set of tastebuds which haven't yet set eyes on our Colombian treats.  How exciting!

Saturday 29th March - Levenshulme Market
YES! Levy Market is BACK, bigger and now happening WEEKLY! We'll mostly be trading once a month at the "Everything" mega mix markets and bringing you Colombian hearty fare and a little bit of Latin American love.

Friday 7th March - Friday Food Fight by B.EAT STREET MCR
Woah woah woah here's a new food party on the scene and we're hitting up the launch night.  we'll be bringing a whole new menu including a dirty fast food that every body loves but serving it up Colombian style...

Friday 21st February to Sunday 23rd February - Colombian Classics Supper Club
Come and join us for a tasty bit of home cooked Colombian food, nothing fancy just hearty everyday South American food served around a friendly, cosy dinner table!

Friday 20th December - Levenshulme Christmas Night Market
Have we gone Christmas crazy?  YES we have.  Have a gander at our special one off dessert only menu with a cheeky bit of booze and you will see we are already in the festive spirit! ¡Feliz Navidad!

Saturday 23rd November- Levenshulme Market
It's almost Christmas but we have one last month of our winter menu before we unleash our winter treats! Come along and see us on our home turf, we promise there will be plenty of cheese breads this month :)

Saturday 26th October - Levenshulme Market
Bam! New winter menu hit the streets with delightful ajiaco soup, a jackfruit version of our shredded steak filling for our veggie friends and a Peruvian filling in the shape of butifarra!

Sunday 29th September - Incredibe Edible Levenshulme First Planting Day
We are so proud to be involved with this very special event. Incredible Edible Levenshulme is a newly established group of wonderful people who have come together with the aim of turning unloved places in Levy into spaces for growing free veggies, fruit and herbs available to the whole community. AMAZING OR WHAT?
We couldn't wait to get involved but as we aren't very green-fingered we thought we'd stick to what we do best - making arepas for you to stuff into your gobs. We will be serving up arepas at the Tonbridge Road Allotments from 12:30.
All of the arepas at this event will be 100% vegan with a selection of both vegetarian and vegan fillings. All profits from these arepa sales will be put back into Incredible Edible Levenshulme.
For more info on the event and the Incredible Edible Levenshulme scheme itself, please email:

Saturday 28th September - Levenshulme Market
We are not lying when we say Levy Market day is our favourite day of the month. Each market just gets better and better and we love seeing our customers who are surely the most lovely folk in Manchester, if not the world! ¡Viva la Levolución!

Friday 30th August - Guerrilla Eats
Yes, that's right, our FIRST EVER outing with super awesome and punk rock street food collective Guerrilla Eats! We will be serving up arepas and empanadas all night at an undisclosed location! Follow @guerrilla_eats for news on the venue nearer the time.
Of course we want you all to eat our arepas but there will also be amazing food from other Manchester traders soon to be announced (I'm sure you could manage an arepa AND somebody else's food!) as well as beer. Did we mention that arepas go well with beer? Arepas go well with beer.

Saturday 24th August - Levenshulme Market
We'll be back on our home turf of Levy Market serving up our breakfast arepas between 10am and 11am (ish!!!) followed by our regular range of savoury arepas.
Seeing as last month we were unable to serve empanadas we will be bringing oodles of empanadas this time! Empanadas all round! Empanadas.

Saturday 27th July - Levenshulme Market
We'll be serving breakfast between 10am and 11am followed by our regular range of beef, chicken and veggie stuffed arepas as well as empanadas.  We promise we''ll be making more of everything this month to make up for selling out last month! Of course it's July so we are guaranteed sunshine aren't we?  Aren't we??

Saturday 22nd June - Levenshulme Market
After a quick recovery from the night before we will be back at Levenshulme Market this time with a breakfast option which will be available from only 10am until 11am so don't miss that.  The same low trial price will be in operation throughout the day which closes up at 4pm.  See you there!

Friday 21st June - LFADFEST Launch with Levenshulme Market & Guerilla Eats
Levenshulme Market and pop-up street food collective Guerrilla Eats have joined forces for a unique evening event to launch the festival – featuring street food from regular traders and new traders alike, beers and wines from local producers and a whole host of entertainment suitable for the whole family. Food will be served up between 4:00pm & 10:00pm at Levenshulme Market site which is just one train stop from Manchester Piccadilly.  As a further incentive we will be trialling our low prices to make sure everyone gets to try an arepa!