Kind Words

  • Bacon On The Beech: "This food tasted home made in the best possible way, unique but hearty, and just bloody tasty, it was the first but it won't be our last taste of Arepas." (Read in full here)
  • Hungry Hoss: "What I liked about the arepas themselves was the difference in texture between the crisp, crunchy outside and the pillowy centre." (Read in full here)
  • FoodGeek: "A lovely combination of flavours and unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before" (Read in full here)
  • Lickerish Split: "Soft, pillowy and chock full of flavour, juices dripping down my hand, these deceptively small bites are ridiculously filling." (Read in full here)
  • MancOnline: "My favourite was the lemon chicken with creamy avocado. Its only fault  - it finished too soon." (Read in full here)
  • Things To Do in Manchester: "I had a chicken arepa - essentially a Colombian flatbread filled with shredded chicken, chillies and guacamole - and it was lovely." (Read in full here)
  • Cous Cous Bang Bang: "I was given a big handful of beery, spicy, tender, stringy beef and vegetables inside a fresh grilled maize Arepa - essentially a portable stew inside a dumpling - and it was awesome" (Read in full here)
  • Harley Wood: "Not the easiest things to eat, this got messy pretty quickly but BOY was it good" (Read in full here)
  • A Tale Of Two Sittings: "My verdict – Arepa are extremely YUMMY and one of my FAVOURITES at Street Feast so far!" (Read in full here)